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Tux and Mrs.Tux Burke are Maine’s Real Estate power couple with 50 years of combined industry experience. These two entrepreneurs started dating in 1971, and formed their first business venture in 1982, a promotions company that successfully operated all over New England for almost a decade. It wasn’t long before they set their eyes on the booming Real Estate market, and in 1990 made the seamless transition with their three children in­tow. Quickly becoming top producers at their first firms, and having developed a cult­like following of active real estate purchasers, in 2003 they decided it was time to open 207 Realty. Their vision made perfect sense having spent their entire lives in the heart of Maine. Now, they have joined the largest real estate firm in the State of Maine; The Maine Real Estate Network.

Mrs. Tux (aka Billi Lynn) and Tux Burke are waterfront specialists who have acquired an incredible breadth of experience over the years. They have established themselves as the most prestigious and trustworthy couple in The Lakes Region. Working solely with their preferred client network they have handled a variety of transactions with heavy volumes in commercial, small business, investment, waterfront, and vacation properties. 

Mrs. Tux Burke, the due diligence specialist and paralegal, is a master of behind the scenes deal making. Her hands on expertise and diverse experience has given her an industry advantage when it comes to protecting her client’s interests. 

  Tux Burke ‚Äčis an expert in negotiations who has an in­depth understanding of the local micro­markets, ownership costs, and home building. Having the ability to speak and operate in terms of real world value is something that his investors are grateful for. 

  These two brokers have complementary skill sets that have worked well together for over 40 years. This power couple IS the heart of Maine, and will gladly represent you in one of the most important investment selections of your life.  

  The Burke’s are also the exclusive Maine Brokers of White Rhino Capital, an investment banking firm headquartered in Los Angeles California.. 

About Billi (AKA MrsTux)

Mrs. Tux Burke is a Maine native who has been representing buyers and sellers for 25 years and counting. She is a prolific problem solver and diligence specialist who epitomizes the adage, "Where there is a will, there is a way." Mrs. Tux wakes up every morning and does the impossible, taking pride in her integrity and ethics; she is a force to be reckoned with regarding all aspects of a real estate transaction. Over the years she has developed a reputation in the industry for her by-the-book ferocity and her exquisite composure as a deal maker.

During her career she has developed her skills and acquired vast amounts of diverse transaction experience. In addition to owning and operating an office with her husband for 12 years, she also raised three highly competitive athletes. Two of her children competed in NCAA Division 1 sports, and her third was an internationally ranked ski racer, all of whom currently work together in Financial Services. As an entrepreneur she conquered the downturn of 2008, as a mother she conquered the impossible task of guiding "High- Frequency" children to success, and as a cancer survivor she won her battle against breast cancer after diagnosis in 2005. 

Mrs. Tux is more superhuman than real estate agent, and her talent can thankfully be to your advantage by calling her directly at The Maine Real Estate Network.